In 1947, during the Second General Conference of UNESCO, held in Mexico, Italia Morayta became the first simultaneous interpreter in the country. From when she began her professional career until her death on August 27, 2015, Italia Morayta was characterized by her commitment to the profession and to the new generation of interpreters.

…most significant of all, however, are the achievements that Italia brought about with the support of the Association [of Technical Personnel for International Conferences, which she founded]: ensuring that Mexico possessed a cadre of highly competitive, first-rate interpreters; and along the way training personnel to cover the various aspects of the secretariat of an international conference. Furthermore, in the field of interpreting, the Association rapidly achieved the goal of creating specialized centers of study in Mexico. The first technical interpreting schools opened in the 1960s, although it was not until the 1980s that an effort was made to create a degree-level course in the field. Italia is also proud to have formalized a professional code of ethics, decent working conditions and quality standards in the country, together with a description of the obligations and responsibilities governing the professional activities of interpreters.

Graciela de Garay

But what pleases me most is to see that younger generations have the interest, talent and capacity for dedication to continue building the history of this beautiful profession. To the generations of interpreters that are following us, I can do no more than to wish that they enjoy the profession with the same intense passion that I have. Let’s get to work, to work, when this is done there will be time to rest.

Italia Morayta

In 2015, CM Idiomas created the Italia Morayta Fund for the development of the profession and in 2016 it acquired administrative autonomy and the character of a non-profit Foundation. Through strategic alliances with national and international educational associations and institutions, the Italia Morayta Foundation carries out a range of activities and successful refresher and training courses for interpreters and translators.